Why Freeze Dried Dog Food Is The Best For Your Dog

It is no doubt that a dog is a man’s best friend. From a clean bath to a decent meal, a dog requires a lot of care. It is crucial that you know exactly what you are feeding to your dog to avoid ailments, malnutrition and poor health. The marketplace is awash with several dog foods making it a tedious task finding the best food for your dog. Food has an impact on the health of a dog as much it does to a human. Most dog food companies do not provide an in-depth list of their food ingredients. This is where freeze dried dog food comes in handy.


One of the popular brands of freeze dried dog food in the market is Chefs Best Pet Food. This brand is made using high quality ingredients that are rapidly freeze

 dried. Rapid freeze drying helps preserve the nutritional value of dog food.  


Wet foods are definitely the best choice and this can easily be purchased in the market. They however go bad so easily and need to be preserved. Often times people dry them but then the dried food are devoid of a lot of nutrients. However there is a better alternative that is rapidly freeze drying the food before it loses it moisture content and nutritional value. This is how Chefs Best Pet Food is made which is why it has a high nutritional value.  


Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Food 

Freeze drying foo is a sure way of protecting the foods original nutritional value. This is because it does not use heat. Heat affect the nutrients of wet food such as the vitamins, the enzymes are destroyed. Heat can also interact with some nutrients and form compounds that can be harmful to the dog. Freeze drying is so effective that the beneficial nutrient that was in the fresh raw food is maintained once the served food is re-breezed. Chef's Best Pet food actually has applied the technique of freeze drying dog food.  

The process of freeze drying begins by rapidly freezing the food. Once the food is frozen, small amounts of heat are slowly added to the low pressure chamber which holds the raw food. This heat converts ice into gas and it dries out the food.  

While most dog foods are made using a similar process, you might ask yourself, what makes Chef's Best Pet Food unique? Well, Chef's Best Pet Food is made from fresh and high quality ingredients. Chef's Best Pet Food is made up of ingredients such as chicken hearts, ground turkey, flax, pea flour, apples, beef livers, blueberries and fish.


Once you buy Chef's Best Pet Food, all you have to do is to re-hydrate it by adding some water. By adding water, you will revert the dried food to its original texture as well as flavor. This will ensure that your dog will enjoy the meal just as fresh as it was meant to be. 


Let us face it, time I a very limited resource. It is difficult for one to prepare their own food let alone prepare their dog food from scratch. In a bid to ensure that you give your dog a complete meal without using a lot of effort, Chefs Best Pet Food was made providing you with a quick and convenient meal for your best friend.  



Why Dried Dog Food is Convenient? 


Chefs Best Pet Food is highly convenient for several different reasons. For instance, it comes in small and compact packages that are easy to carry and store. When travelling with your dog, you can easily carry them along with you as they are very light. Additionally, it is a complete meal that gives your dog a wide range of nutrients.  


By buying Chefs Best Pet Food, you save a lot of cash. This is because the meal is completely dry with very little moisture content. This ensures that when purchasing this dog food, you are not buying water weight.  


It is a well-known fact that raw food dog offers more nutritional value to your dog than others. Chefs Best Pet Food is specially made to ensure that it preserves its original goodness and offers the same benefits as offering your dog raw food. Chefs Best Pet Food offers your dog a complete, healthy and nourishing meal.  


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