Innovative Beauty: Magnetic Eyelashes

If you've taken a look at your favorite celebrities, you've probably noticed that they have amazing eyelashes. How do they get such thick and healthy ones?

They're actually probably not real. However, when a large part of your job is looking great at movie premieres, you can pay for great lashes every time.

The rest of us don't have a team of stylists ready to apply lashes though. False lashes are difficult to put in place and can make a huge mess. If you've tried the DIY method, then you probably know what I mean. Sure, you can use professional extensions. But this option can cost a pretty penny. Just the initial application can run a few hundred dollars and you'll have to return for refills every few weeks.

The health aspects are also important. A study performed in Japan found that eyelash extensions may lead to ocular disorders and every one of the glues that they studied contained formaldehyde which can cause inflammation of the cornea and is also toxic. 


Get Great Lashes at Home

You may not be aware of this, but you can get great lashes at home without having to use any glue. Thanks to a company called One Two Cosmetics, there's a new product known as magnetic eyelashes. They're designed for people who aren't great with false eyelashes and they look amazing. They're also reusable and simple to apply. 

It may be difficult to imagine that magnetic options are available, but stay tuned! They're known as One Two Lash and these magnetic eyelashes are made up of two lash strips per lash. Instead of putting in a single strip on your natural lash line, you'll actually be creating more of a "sandwich" with your natural lashes between the two fake lashes. 


Innovative Beauty

One Two Cosmetics is one of the first companies to produce magnetic eyelashes and their miniature magnets were designed specifically for them to use. They were invented by Katy Stoke who used a patented micro-magnetic technology to make her dream of creating effortless beauty a reality. She was tired of dealing with glue and lashes that didn't work well. So, as a beauty expert, she used her know-how to create magnetic eyelashes that are available today.  


How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

When you get these lashes, you'll start with the top lash. This is the one that doesn't have a red dot on it. The red dots are used to indicate that they're on the bottom.

Put the lash on top of your natural lash and try to line up the edge with the edge of your own lash line. It should balance here. Place it and then move on to the next step.

Choose another lash strip. This will be the bottom lash so look for the one that has a red dot. Put it under your natural lashes and line it up with the top lash. Slowly, move it up to the top lash until the magnet works and it attaches naturally. You'll see that your natural lash is between the two fake lashes. Now you're all set.

When you get ready to remove them, it's a really simple process. With your fingers, gently slide the magnets away from each other. Don't pull the fake lashes but instead, try to slide them away from each other and avoid pulling your own lashes in the process. You'll also want to clean the lashes before you put them back in their case. You can use your own cleaner, although One Two Cosmetics uses a gentle cleanser for magnetic eyelashes which works great. 


Do These Magnetic Lashes Work?

If you're not sure if they're actually worth trying, these magnetic eyelashes have been highly praised by leaders in the beauty and style industries.

Teen Vogue said that they were a beauty game-changer while Allure crowned the magnetic eyelashes with their award for Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product. Cosmopolitan and Popsugar also found that magnetic eyelashes were a great innovation for the beauty market. 


Are They Affordable?

That's the question that everyone ultimately wants to know. After all, the product sounds too good to be affordable!

The good news is that they're a good price. A full set includes not one but TWO pairs of magnetic eyelashes, all for $69. When you consider how many adhesive falsies you'd purchase in the amount of time both of these magnetic lash sets will last you, you'll realize you save a lot of money in the long run.

So, why pay hundreds of dollars for fake lashes and hours getting them done at a salon? Instead, you can use these lashes to get a great look for every event in your life.